Questions & Answers

-What devices does iViewHD IPTV support?
iView works on Android TV box, Android TV Stick, Android Tablet, Android Smart Phone.

-Why my iViewHD subscription is NOT expired, but account info “ valid until null”
In that case, please uninstall existing iviewhd apps, and reinstall.

-I cannot access in iViewHD Channels or cannot login in iVIEW apps, but it keeps on loading, why?
A. Clear cache, restart modem/ WIFI, and android box . B. Uninstall iviewHD App and reinstall iViewHD APK (must uninstall first).

-What is the difference between trial and normal payed account?
In trial account,you can watch for free for 3 days, but there are no Nova, OTE & EPL channels. For purchased account, there is no Nova sports channels in Greece and Cyprus.

-My iViewHD login code is invalid, why this would happen?
Invalid code, card is already used

-How to add channels to favorite with iViewHD iptv apps?
Steps: Press menu — account info– FAV manage– choose the channels that you want to add to FAV.

-Can I share one activated code on more than one device?
No you cannot, Only one code can work on one device. Once the code is activated on one device, it cannot work on other device.

-How to watch adult channels in iViewHD IPTV ?
Adult XXX channels, Setting – Fill in “1827”- Show “XXX” – Fill in “1827” again, then you can watch.

-How to watch adult channels in Xtrix IPTV ?

Adult XXX channels, Setting – Fill in “4113”- Show “XXX” – Fill in “4113” again, then you can watch.

-Is there any limit in activating code ?

No There is no limit in activation time.

-Does iViewHD support vlc and m3u list?

No does not support vlc or m3u list

-Do i need to reenter activation code after uninstall/ reinstall of iViewHD application?

No, you don’t need to enter code again after uninstall and reinstall of iViewHD,  because your device has already remembered the account, which means that even if your account has been purchased for a long time, you don’t have to worry about not being able to log in when you reinstall.

-I Bought a new android Box. Can i transfer my subscription?

Yes we can transfer your subscription to your new android box. Just contact us. This may take 1-2 business days.

-Freezing Channels Or Audio Out Of Sync?

Go Live TV – Settings – Misc. – then choose Software decoder or Hardware Decode.

-I am from Australia/ New Zealand can i use iViewHD?

No you have to use Xtrix. Contact us first to arrange xtrix price plan.

-Error Codes – What do they mean ?

If TV screen show: 800, it’s the problem with internet connection

If TV screen show: 402, it’s the problem with IP blocked. (illegal uses)

If TV screen show: 405, it can’t be used in Australia and New Zealand.(Use Xtrix)

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