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-I Paid but have not received my code.

Code is sent instantly in order details email. Please check also your spam/junk folder for our email. Mark our emails as Safe.

If you are registered, Login to your account, go to “orders” , find your order and click “view” details, and check your key.

If  Back-order then you should receive the code within 1-2 business days and again check your spam/junk folder.

-I paid but Item out of stock.

You will receive the code within 1-2 business days.

-What devices does support?
App works on Android TV box, Android TV Stick, Android Tablet, Android Smart Phone.

-Why my subscription is NOT expired, but account info “ valid until null”
In that case, please uninstall existing apps, and reinstall.

-I cannot access Channels or cannot login in apps, but it keeps on loading, why?
A. Clear cache, restart modem/ WIFI, and android box . B. Uninstall App and reinstall APK (must uninstall first).

-What is the difference between trial and normal paid account?
In trial account,you can watch for free for 3 days, but some channels are locked. For purchased account, there are some channels locked channels in Greece and Cyprus.

-Why there is no Greek Nova Sports in my list?

Nova sports are locked for users from Greece and Cyprus (use vpn on your own risk)

-My app login code is invalid, why this would happen?
Invalid code, code is already used

-How to add channels to favorite with apps?
Steps: Press menu — account info– FAV manage– choose the channels that you want to add to FAV.

-Can I share one activated code on more than one device?
No you cannot, Only one code can work on one device. Once the code is activated on one device, it cannot work on other device.

-Is there any limit in activating code ?

No There is no limit in activation time.

-Does app support vlc and m3u list?

No does not support vlc or m3u list

-Do i need to reenter activation code after uninstall/ reinstall of application?

No, you don’t need to enter code again after uninstall and reinstall,  because your device has already remembered the account, which means that even if your account has been purchased for a long time, you don’t have to worry about not being able to log in when you reinstall.

-I Bought a new android Box. Can i transfer my subscription?

Yes we can transfer your subscription to your new android box provided that you bought from us. Just contact us. Transfer might take 1-2 business days.

-Can i transfer my subscription from one app to another?

No. Transfer can not be done from one app to another

-Do i need to provide any details for the transfer?

Yes. We shall need your order number or activation code (provided that you bought from us) and also send us a photo of our new “userid”. You can find userid by opening your app (atv/iview etc ) go to settings and under account info shows “userid. Sample photo of userid here

-Freezing Channels Or Audio Out Of Sync?

Go Live TV – Settings – Misc. – then choose Software decoder or Hardware Decode.

-What happens to my code when i factory reset tv box?

Install the App again and if user id changed you should contact us the with code you bought and new id to make the transfer. If not changed the code can work again.

-Error Codes – What do they mean ?

If TV screen show: 800, it’s the problem with internet connection

If TV screen show: 402, it’s the problem with IP blocked. (illegal uses)

If TV screen show: 405, it can’t be used in Australia and New Zealand.(Contact us or use VPN)

-What is Direct to Tv and Classic EPG options in main menu?

Direct to Tv is the option once you open app will go directly to Live Channels.

Classic EPG is the way the channel information is shown.

-What is the red icon next to some channels?

Red icon next to some channels is a “rewind” symbol. You can rewind program up to 1 hour.

-What is Multi-Room Sub-Device?

Multi-Room is the same service (only for iViewHD Plus) which you can watch at the same time at max 3 devices on the same IP address.

One device is Master and up to two devices are Slaves.Each device needs one code. One master code and one or two slave codes.

-Can this Multi-Room work while one person is at home and one person at work?

No. Multi-Room only works under the same IP. If different IP only one device will work.

-What application should install?

For the moment only iViewHD Plus can be used. You need to install iViewHD Plus on master device and install Multi-Room Sub-Device application on the slave device.

-How to bind slave device to master device?

First you need to buy a normal iViewHD Plus code and buy also one multi-room code. Insert your normal code into master device and then the same code into the slave device.

Afterwards enter your new multi-room code into the slave device. (one multi-room code is for one slave device.)

-What Plans are Multi-Room code available?

For the time being only 12 months is available for Multi-Room code but can work with any iViewHD Plus plans (1/3/6/12)

-If normal code expires will the Multi-Room code still work?

No. If Master device expires then Slave device will stop working. You will need to renew your master device code to keep slave device working.

-How to watch adult channels in ATV IPTV ?
STB/PAD Version: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “3354”- Go to channel- Enter code again

-How to watch adult channels in GTV IPTV ?
STB/PAD Version: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “5612”- Go to channel- Enter code again

-How to watch adult channels in iViewHD IPTV ?
STB/PAD Version: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “1827”- Go to channel- Enter code again

-How to watch adult channels in Xtrix IPTV ?
STB/PAD Version: Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “4113”- Go to channel- Enter code again

-How to watch adult channels in Multi-Room Sub-Device ?

STB/PAD Version : Settings – Misc – A switch – Enter “5412” – Go to channel – Enter code again

-Adding Adult channels step by step guide

Steps shown here

-Guide to install apk in Amazon TV Stick.

Follow these steps here

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